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About Us

Alkarrar Group was established in 2000 in Bahrain and it has taken upon itself the principle of participation in the develop-ment of local and Gulf production until reaching the global participation.

We started off with our Arabic enthusiasm in order to provide various types of modern technologies from its different fields with a condition that it has the required quality and appropriate cost.

We are with you in the process of prepar-ing your companies and manufacturers with machinery and equipment that are suitable with your work field and stir the production process.

Facilitation is our principle to pursue. We provide technology through leasing and selling, consulting and maintenance. Ensuring the accurate maintenance. In the end, you are an integral part of our group.

We promise you the additional, competi-tive value that suits you.

Al-karrar Group


Our Companies

Partner 1

Alkarrar Equipment Hiring


Kingdom Of Bahrain

Partner 2

Anwar Alkarrar Gentral Trading

Kingdom Of Bahrain
Partner 3

Alkarrar International Gentral Trading

Sultanate Of Oman
Partner 4

Alkarrar Technical WorkShop with

Kingdom Of Bahrain